Bronx Frontlines is a newsletter that launched on February 1, 2023. 

I wanted to write stories about the Bronx and being Dominican, without the input of white editors, without pitching, and I also want to write about the art and culture I am loving every week.

After 10 years of working and writing in Catholic media, I wanted to create something exclusively for and by my community. I am also in therapy and learning to talk and heal with my Dominican family. Therapy—learning how to sit and listen to my mind and body—is changing the way I write and think. I am learning how to be accountable; how to apologize when I harm others; how to forgive myself and others; how to heal and love; how to build.

I am doing all this while also trying to survive, like all Black people in the Bronx, across the boroughs, and across the diaspora, under and outside imperialism, capitalism, and the patriarchy. 

Bronx Frontlines, published at least once every week, is for our stories, histories, fiction, and reporting. It is about our resistance.

Who I Am

Olga Marina Segura ran the culture department at NCR from January 2021-April 2022. She is the author of Birth of A Movement: Black Lives Matter and the Catholic Church. Her writing has appeared in Bitch Media, Latino Rebels, The Guardian, Refinery29, Sojourners, The Revealer, Teen Vogue, and more.

She is currently working on her second book.


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A newsletter exploring issues of identity and displacement. Bronx Frontlines is a mix of reporting, essays, and cultural reviews.


Olga M. Segura

Olga M. Segura was born in Santo Domingo and raised in the Bronx. She is the author of “Birth of a Movement: Black Lives Matter and the Catholic Church.”